Mac: 4. Start Graphlytic

Graphlytic depends on Neo4j so if you want to start Neo4j and/or Graphlytic manually you have to start Neo4j first and Graphlytic next (after Neo4j is successfully started).

Start Neo4j

How to start Neo4j see Neo4j installation manual. It is strictly recommended to follow instructions at Neo4j manual. Here is short description how to start Neo4j but use this description with care.

Here is a brief description on how to start Neo4j as a console application (not as a service):

  1. Go to Application folder and start Neo4j application by double-click. If Neo4j was started successfully log file contains line similar to this one: "Neo4j is ready. Browse to". From this moment Neo4j database should be started. If you use default Neo4j configuration Neo4j database will be accessible only from localhost (recommended).

  2. Check Neo4j from your browser at: http://localhost:7474/ (the port number can be different if you changed the neo4j configuration)

    1. If you start Neo4j for the first time (new DB instance is created):

    • there will be a request for authentication. Use name: neo4j and password: neo4j

    1. If this is not a first start:

    • there will be a request for authentication. Enter valid password for user neo4j

Start Graphlytic

Go into Graphlytic home directory and start Graphlytic as a console application:

$ cd /Users/Shared/Graphlytic/bin
$ chmod 775 graphlyticc
$ ./graphlyticc

Check the log file if Graphlytic was started successfully. There should be no error in log file:

$ less /Users/Shared/Graphlytic/log/graphlytic/graphlytic.log

Follow instructions in Login with default user to find out how to log into the application.