Main navigation components are left menu and top menu.


1.Top menu

Top menu contains buttons (from left to right):

  • switch to current visualization (icon with graph and name of opened visualization)

  • Fullscreen - switch Graphlytic to fullscreen mode

  • Profile - profile related information

  • Logout - logout from Graphlytic

2.Left menu

Buttons in left menu represents different application pages with specific functionality. Menu can contain these buttons based on your application permissions (from top to down):

  • Search - this page allows to search for nodes in Neo4j, start new visualization, add nodes to existing visualization, exporting data in CSV format.

  • Saved - page contains your saved visualizations and visualizations which are shared with you by other users.

  • Data Security - page with data security permissions for every group and user.

  • Groups - user groups management page. Groups can be created, updated and deleted on this page. Also users can be added or removed from groups on this page.

  • Users - users management page. Users can be created, updated, deleted, enabled/disabled on this page and passwords can be changed. Also users can be added or removed from groups on this page.

  • Settings - system settings management page. Indexing, searching, licence, visualization settings and more can be changed on this page.

  • Jobs - jobs management page. Jobs (like ETL for data importing) can be created, updated and scheduled on this page.

Left menu can be hidden or maximized by clicking on arrow icon in the bottom of this menu. Press arrow icon and move cursor away from menu to see the change.