Migration Tool 1.13.0

Migration Tool migrates Graphlytic data from version 1.12.2 to 1.13.0. It migrates Graphlytic data stored in Neo4j into own Graphlytic database.


Please backup Neo4j databse before continue!

This migration tool doesn't migrate ETL jobs. Please backup your ETL jobs before continue.

This migration tool doesn't migrate Node Indexer configuration. Please backup your JSON for Node Indexer configuration before continue.

This migration tool doesn't migrate deleted users. Deleted users will be lost.

This migration tool doesn't migrate permissions to data. After migration you need to create new security rules in Graphlytic for data permissions.

Graphlytic data will be removed from Neo4j database during migration process. After this migration all Graphlytic data will be stored in own Graphlytic database and not in Neo4j database.

Migration tool can be used only for Graphlytic 1.12.2. You need to upgrade your Graphlytic to this version

How to use it:

  1. Copy Migration Tool to separate location (not into Graphlytic directory)

  2. Change configuration in /conf/graphlytic.conf if required. At least login/password for Neo4j database should be changed.

  3. Stop Graphlytic if running

  4. Stop Neo4j if running

  5. Upgrade to Graphlytic 1.12.2

  6. Start Neo4j database you want to migrate data from

  7. Start Graphlytic 1.12.2

  8. Stop Graphlytic 1.12.2

  9. Stop Neo4j

  10. Install Graphlytic 1.13.0 (do not forget to copy neo4j-gl-plugin-1.13.0.jar into Neo4j plugin directory and remove previous version of plugin).

  11. Start Neo4j (do not start Graphlytic)

  12. Start Migration Tool

    • windows: use "migration.bat"

    • linux: use /bin/migration

  13. Read warning information in console and confirm with "y" if you are ready to continue

  14. Migration starts. Migration Tool migrates all data from Neo4j database into Graphlytic database. All Graphlytic data from Neo4j will be removed during migration.

  15. Migration ends. Close Migration Tool.

  16. Directory "/data/db_hsql" was created. This directory contains all Graphlytic data. Backup this directory.

  17. Stop Neo4j

  18. If you were using more Neo4j databases with the same Graphlytic you can migrate data from all Neo4j databases. Repeat steps 11 - 17 for every existing Neo4j database. Data from all Neo4j databases will be migrate into one Graphlytic database in directory "/data/db_hsql"

  19. If you migrate data from all existing Neo4j databases you can continue

  20. Copy directory "/data/db_hsql" from Migration Tool into Graphlytic 1.13.0 home directory

  21. Start Neo4j

  22. Start Graphlytic 1.13.0

  23. Login into Graphlytic as user with permission "Settings management"

  24. Check your Graphlytic data (users, groups, settings, saved visualizations)

  25. Use your backup of Node Indexer configuration and configure it again in Settings page and start Reindex

  26. Use your backup of ETL jobs and create them again in Jobs page